Playlist Mar. 2017.



・VA/East End Story Vol. 1 & 2 - Skinhead Anthems 2xCT.(Trojan Boot Productions)

・鐵槌/桜花 - 儚き花よ/ゲキオウ 土に往く迄 split CD.(Straight Up)

・L'Infanterie Sauvage - No Man's Land LP.(Narayan)

・Humpty Dumpty - What A Nerve You Have..... LP.(Human)

・4 Skins - The Good, The Bad & The 4 Skins LP.(Secret)

・The Mushuganas - Lows In The Mid 90s CD.(Beercan)

・Jawbreaker - Unpieced Puzzle CDR.(Dresher)

・Templars - The Return Of Jacques De Molay LP.(Dim)

・Vírus 27 - Brasil Oi! LP.(Devil Discos)

・Hardball - One On One 7ep.(New Start)

--------- Other Music ------------

・Rolling Stones - Voodoo Brew 4xCD.(Vigotone)

・Rolling Stones - Happy Birthday Willy 1981 2xCD.(Wizard)

・Rolling Stones - Drive Carefully 2xCD.(VGP)

・Rolling Stones - Fortworth Express CD.(VGP)

・Rolling Stones - Hope You Guess My Name 2xCD.(VGP)

・Rolling Stones - Shattered In Europe CD.(TSP)

・Guns N' Roses - Live Saitame 2017 6xCDR.(Shades)

・Guns N' Roses - En Argentina '93 : The Skin And Bones Tour 4xCDR+DVD-R.(Shades)

・Guns N' Roses - Nightrain To Chicago : Not In This Lifetime Tour 2016 4xCDR.(Bullet)

・Rolling Stones - Voodoo Lounge 2xLP.(Virgin)

Playlist Jul - Aug 2016.



・Patareni - Rehearsal Corruption CT.(Falšanja Kol'ko'š)

・Kremlin Korps - Moscow's Revenge 7ep.(Speed Of Sound)

・Second Wind - Security 12ep.(R&B)

・Integrity - Palm Sunday LP.(Aurora Borealis)

・N.O.T.A. - Moscow 7ep.(Unclean)

・Wolfpack - A New Dawn Fades CD.(Distortion)

・D.R.I. - Definition LP.(Rotten)

・Barashi - Test Pressing For Upcoming 7ep.(available soon!!!!!)

・Cro-Mags - Near Death Experience LP.(Century Media)

・Statement - Genocidal Justice CD.(Green Fight)

--------------- Other Music ----------------------------

・Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker LP.(Def American)

・Dead & Company - MSG 11-07-15 3xCDr.(Scallywag Productions)

・Pride & Glory - s/t 2xLP.(Armoury)

・Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker LP.(Cooking Vinyl)

・Cinderella - Heartbreak Station 2xCD.(Bad Reputation)

・Grateful Dead - 1986-12-15 Oakland CT.

・Primus - Frizzle Fry LP.(Caroline)

・Grateful Dead - 1990-7-23 IL CT.

・Dylan & The Dead - Complete Studio Rehearsals 4xCD.(Original Master)

・VA/Natural Born Killers: A Soundtrack For An Oliver Stone Film 2xLP.(Simply Vinyl)

Playlist. Jan/2016

--------------Other Music---------------------


・Shed Dwellaz - 4 Track Archives Vol. 1 / Launchin' Jewels '96 2xCT.(Ormolycka)

・Tommy McClennan - Complete Recordings In Chronogical Order Volume 1 : 1939-1940 CD.(Document)

・Death Grips - No Love Deep Web CT.(Ormolycka)

・Funkmaster Flex - 60 Minutes Of Funk - The Mix Tape Volume I CT.(Loud)

・Shed Dwellaz - Redwood City's Most Hated 12ep.(Satan's Pimp)

・Bobby Byrd - Bobby Byrd Got Soul CD.(Polydor)

・John Littlejohn - John Littlejohn's Chicago Blues Stars LP.(Arhoolie)

・Grand Invincible - Menace Mode CT.(Megakut)

・Michael Schenker Group - The Unforgiven CD.(SPV)

・DJ Eons One - Revenge Of The Crate Goblins 7ep.(Megakut)


・Agents Of Satan/No Less - Distorted Transmissions E.P. 7ep.(Bad People)

・Spazz - The Jeb E.P. 7ep.(self)

・Deviated Instinct - Tip Of The Iceberg CT.(self)

・Plutocracy - Dankstahz LP.(Slap A Ham/625)

・Meat Shits - For Those About To Shit We Salute You CD.(Discord)

・Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses LP.(Earache)

・Happy? - Anger 7ep.(Flinch Lumin)

・No Less - Boxed In 7ep.(Slap A Ham)

・Hot Water Music - Never Ender & Demos 2xLP.(No Idea)

・Torture Unit - West Bay Hardcore CT.(self)


通常は youtube 画像を付けることはないのですが、 Shed Dwellaz についてはフィジカルリリースが少なく、レーベルにかなり問題があるため添付いたしております。

 ※この Shed Dwellaz をはじめ、 Death Grips, Copout, etc.. 非常にいいものばかりをリリースしている Ormolycka はレーベルとしてかなり問題があるので、取引の際には細心の注意を払ってください

 Plutocracy, No Less, Agents Of Satan をはじめとする Redwood City Dankcore/Doom Riderz 中核だった Stinkweed 追悼の模様も同時に付してあります。
 West Coast Powerviolence の二軍的見方をされがちですが、わたしにとってはこちらがメイン。
初期 Pultocracy での試行錯誤を経て Agents Of Satan & No Less で確立した Dankcore/Doom Riderz スタイルはいまでもじっくりと聴き入ってしまいます。
 その Stinkweed と Dan(Spazz) による Shed Dwellaz、その他の HipHop プロジェクトも是非いろいろと聴いてみてください!

Playlist New Year 2016


・A//Political - Planting The Seeds Of Revolution CT.(self)

・Phobia - What Went Wrong DEMO CT.(self)

・Sludgeworth - Insubordination Fest '08 CD.(Insubordination)

・Infest - Slave 12ep.(Off The Disk)

・Brassknuckle Boys - Fighting Poor 7ep.(Fistful Of Reality)

・Spazz/Total Fury/The Oath - Live At 924 Gilman St. CT.(self)

・Templars - Dans Les Catacombs Du Studio De L'Acre 1993-1995 CD.(Vulture Rock)

・Kalmex And The Riff Merchants - s/t 7ep.(West Bay Infrasound)

・Hellkrusher - Demo 92 + Live 92 CT.(self)

・Antiseen - Live In Austin, TX LP.(Digital Warfare)



・Ratt - s/t 12ep.(Time Coast Music)

・Grand Invincible - Cold Hand In The Dice Game CD.(Zero Friends)

・Cinderella - Long Cold Winter CD.(Bad Reputation)

・Cinderella - Heartbreak Station 2xCD.(Bad Reputation)

・UFO - Showtime 2xCD.(SPV)

・L.A. Guns - s/t LP.(Vertigo)

・Ratt - Detonator LP.(Atlantic)

・Richie Sambora - Stranger In This Town LP.(Mercury)

・Vinnie Moore - Meltdown LP.(Epic)

・Michael Schenker - Adventures Of The Imagination CD.(Steamhammer)

Playlist Dec.2015


・UNHINGED - Demo '95 CT.(Liberate Animal Tapes)

・CRO-MAGS - Best Wishes LP.(Profile)

・THE QUEERS - Suck This! single-sided 12" (Clearview)

・PUNCTURE WOUND - Lee Oswald Grimaces As He Is Fed By Lunging Jack Ruby 7ep.(Bloodclot)

・POISON IDEA - Demo & Live at Crescent Ballroom, Tacoma, WA 5/16/87 CT.(self)

・BABAYAGA OJO - Zdusi Was Trupi Smród Demo '92 CT.(self)

・GRUESOME - Another Reign CD.(Yellow Side)

・DISPENSE - In The Cold Night Mini-CD.(Really Fast)

・TOTALITAR/DISMACHINE - Split LP.(Your Own Jailer)

・SEPTIC DEATH - Demos & Discography 2xCDR.(boot)


Other Music.

・$ign of 4 - Dancing With St. Peter CD.(Track)

・UFO - No Heavy Petting LP.(Chrysalis)

・VA/Wu-Chronicles 2xLP.(Wu-Tang)

・UFO - Showtime 2xCD.(SPV)

・BONHAM - The Disregard Of Timekeeping LP.(Epic)

・BONHAM - Mad Hatter LP.(Epic)

・Heltah Skeltah - Nocturnal 2xLP.(Priority)

・MOGG/WAY - Edge Of The World CD.(Shrapnel)

・McAuley Schenker Group - MSG LP.(Electrola)

・UFO - By Request CD.(Nightlife)

Play list 13/Oct. - 03/Nov.


・Screeching Weasel - Ramones LP.(unofficial)

・The Queers - Love Songs For The Retarded LP.(lookout!)

・Heist - 18 Gears Of Hell CD.(Big Fred)

・Screeching Weasel - My Brain Hurts LP.(Lookout!)

・Blood - Febrile Massacre: The Singles Collection CDr.(test pressing of upcoming bootleg)

・Rocky & The Sweden - Total Hard Core 12ep.(Bloodsucker)

・Parasites - Pair LP.(Munster)

・Discunt - War Screams CDr. demo 2005(self)

・Dispense - demo 1992 CT.(self)

・Jawbreaker - Dear You 2xLP.(Blackball)

------------------- other music -------------------

・VA/Natas de Libertad : Recopilatorio Internacional de Trovadores Liberatarios CD.(Noseke)

・VA/Shaolin Sounds Vol. 1: Breakbeats, Sound Effects, Loops & Grooves LP.(Shaolin Sounds)

・Michael Schenker Group - Assault Attack LP.(Chrysalis)

・Inspectah Deck - He's A Rebel 12ep.(Koch)

・Grateful Dead - Dave's Picks Volume 5 (Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA • 11/17/73) 3xCD.

・Bob Dylan - Between Saved And Shot CD.(Dandelion)

・DJ Kubota,Takeshi - Classics 4 CT.(Skylarkin)

・VAiN - No Respect LP.(Island)

・Pretty Boy Floyd - Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz LP.(MCA)

・Grateful Dead - Dave's Picks Volume 8 (Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA • 11/30/80) 3xCD.

Playlist. Oct./2015


・Tragatelo / Kontraattaque - split CT.(Subversive Rhymes)

・Poison Idea - Live In La Roca Karatepunk!! CDr.(Garrotada Sonica Records)

・Forca Macabra/Selfish - The Young Sound Of Modern Finland CT.(Not Very Nice Tapes)

・Patareni/Buka - Make The Noiz By Heart CT.(Falšanja Kol'ko'š Records)

・Buka / Cicciolina - 7ep.(Psycho Mania Records)

・Anal Cunt/GG Allin - Split Live Bootleg CT.(Sludgesicle Records)

・9 Shocks Terror - Live August 1999. single-sided LP.(New World Slaughter)

・Bastard - Controlled In The Frame 7ep.(self)

・No Less - Le$$on$ 93-98 CD.(Push Down And Turn)

・Nailed Down - Kaaos Attack CT.(Radio Kaos Records)

------------------- other music -------------------------

・Grateful Dead - Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT • 7/31/74 4xCD.(Dave's Picks vol.2)

・Prince - Channel Two 1989 - 1993 CD.(Moonraker)

・Prince & 3rdeyegirl - The X's Face 3xCD.(Irukandji Music)

・Raekwon & Chops - The Chef Vs. The Butcher CDr.(nol)

・Raekwon - House Of Wax: The Vatican Mixtape Vol. III CD.(Ice H2o Records)

・DJ Chong Wizard - Kung Fu Hussle Disc One & Two 2xCDr.(nol)

・Mogg / Way - Chocolate Box CD.(Shrapnel)

・Vain - No Respect LP.(Island)

・Inspectah Deck - He's A Rebel 12ep.(Koch)

・The 45 King - Tuff Ass Jazz CD.(Tuff City)

Playlist Jul - Sep 2015.


・SPAZZ - most of their releases.

・JAY REATARD - Blood Visions LP.(In The Red)

・BLOODY PHOENIX - War, Hate, & Misery LP.(RFL)

・MELLAKKA - Ei... 7ep.(Ei Ei Levyt)


・RIGHTEOUS PIGS - "Our Demo" 1987 demo. CT.(self)

・DISCONTROL(U.K) - The Skies Turn Black 1986 demo.CT(self)

・TOXIC AVENGER - Tromaville Hardcore CT.(self)

・GRUESOME - Another Reign CD.(Yellow Side)

・E.B.S. - Cosmetic Society 7ep.(One Arm)

 ひょんなことから SPAZZ を色々と聴き直していました。
最後のアルバム "Crush Kill Destroy" はあらためてその内容の濃さに驚かされますし、あえてどれとは言いませんがかなりダレた音源のスプリット、そして間に合わせでとにかくリリースに間に合わせたものまで本当に玉石混合で楽しめました。

-------------- Other Music ----------------------

・GRATEFUL DEAD - Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN 04/22/78 3xCD.(GDP)

・INSPECTAH DECK - Uncontrolled Substance 2xLP.(Loud)

・U-GOD - Golden Arms Redemption 2xLP.(Wu-Tang)

・GRAND INVINCIBLE - Cold Hand In The Dice Game CD.(Zero Friends)

・NANCI GRIFFITH - One Fair Summer Evening LP.(MCA)

・BOB DYLAN - The Minnesota Hotel Tape 2xLP.(Mr.Suit)

・MASTA KILLA - No Said Date 2xLP.(Nature)

・BIG L - Harlem's Finest (A Freestyle History Vol. I & II) CDR.(Corleone)

・TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS - Hypnotic Eye LP.(Reprise)

・PRINCE - Art Official Age 2xLP.(Warner/NPG)

Playlist. Oct/2014.


・LUICIDAL - s/t CD.(DC-Jam)

・D.R.I. - Thrash Zone LP.(Metal Blade)

・VA/We Are The Elite 2xCDr.(Frenteuropa)

・SLAM - Ingens Slav LP.(self)

・McRad - Absence Of Sanity LP.(Beware)

・Seven Minutes Of Nausea - Chavo CD.(Ecocentric)

・RIOT.303 - Crowd Control 7ep.(Cardiac)

・VA/Zagreb 85 - CT.(Falšanja Kol'ko'š)

・VA/Sacricola Ordonis Priski - CDr.

・JAWBREAKER - Dear You 2xLP.(Blackball)

Playlist Sep./2014


・THE TELESTARS - Meet The Telestars CT.(Winter Solace Prod.)

・RATOS DE PORAO - Cada Dia Mais Sujo E Agressivo LP.(Cogumelo)

・RATOS DE PORAO - Anarkophobia LP.(Estúdio Eldorado)

・BLASPHEMY - Fallen Angel Of Doom LP.(Wild Rags)

・CROSS EXAMINATION - Menace II Sobriety LP.(Organized Crime)

・CRAWLER - 4 song CDR.(self)

・SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Controlled By Hatred/Feel Like Shit...Deja-Vu LP.(Epic)

・PANTERA - Far Beyond Driven 2x12ep.(Eastwest)

・DISRUPT YOUTH - Lookin' For Answers CD.(Beer City)

・鐵槌/桜花 - split CD.(Straight Up)

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